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  • Performance test renders 7 frames, Extreme - 100 frames. Stress test runs until stopped.
  • Performance and Extreme scores are submitted by user. Stress score is submitted automatically after 10th frame.
  • Intel i7-920 CPU performance benchmark score is about P10000.
  • Intel i7-920 CPU extreme benchmark score is about X1000.
  • Intel i7-950 CPU stress benchmark score is about S0.0725 (FPS).
  • Due to Silverlight technology, multiple CPU sockets will not increase overal performance. However, multiple cores will.

What do these benchmark numbers mean?

  • For the Stress test a score represents FPS (frames per second). For example, score S0.1886 indicates that about 5.3 seconds is required to render single frame. At score level S1.0000 - exactly 1 second is required to render 1 animation frame.
  • Both for Performance & Extreme tests results are relative to time needed to render complete scene (all animation frames). For example, result P33454 is about two times faster than P17000.
  • The Performance score is relative to the Extreme score with a factor of 10. For example, score P33454 and score X3356 indicates that both machines can render the animation frame in the same speed.

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